Our company

Renaissance Creative Group is a solely owned and operated African American advertising agency specializing in creative development, building brand strategies, and media purchasing.

Our unique positioning is based on years of experience working with many of the world’s largest brands, as well as our connection to local culture and community initiatives. We truly believe that our “global thinking brought down to the street level” approach to innovative and effective advertising yields world-class creative strategic outcomes for regional opportunities and local issues.

Our belief is that local and regional clients have a greater need for “big ideas” compared to larger companies, because they don’t have the luxury of scale to make up for a lack of focus. At Renaissance Creative Group we provide solutions that attract attention and demand from audiences at the street level, as opposed to 30,000 feet like some of our competitors.

Our agency is committed to supporting and promoting brands and services that favor improving communities, recognizing and appreciating faith-based organizations, and have the desire to address our underserved population. Our expertise in this area is even more evident as we are a certified Disadvantage Minority – Owned Enterprise (DBE), and a certified Small Business Entity (SBE) business. At Renaissance Creative Group we approach all our assignments creatively, insightfully, and respectfully to meet the needs of our clients.

In terms of our global footprint, we have partnered with many big agencies on Madison Avenue in New York, Minneapolis, Chicago, and North Carolina on various campaigns and programs. We have seen and believe that each one of us has the power to change lives, give hope, provide inspiration, and give back to the community. Now we bring that level of expertise to a place where it is needed most and where we believe we can create the most impact- the Louisville community.
Welcome to the “Renaissance” experience…we’re happy to make your acquaintance.

Our Awards

Throughout the years we have best showcased locally and nationally for our creativeity.